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Thanks for visiting my Digital Garden

Hey! my name is Gustavo Castillo I’m a software engineer, currently working with technologies such as Go, TypeScript, JavaScript, and React (among others).

Welcome to my personal blog Digital Garden 🌱 where I write about different technology topics, I hope you find some article(s) of value to you, if so please help me by sharing it :).


I studied Computer Systems Engineering at the ITSC located in Tabasco, Mexico. Where I majored in software engineering.

After college

After graduating, I wanted to stay in the programming world so I started working as a web developer in Tabasco using Laravel server-side and VueJS on the client.

Later I moved to Guadalajara to work as a backend programmer using Go and develop a RESTful API for the on-call project.

Out of work

When I am not in working hours I like to participate in different communities related to programming, in addition to attending various workshops/talks in order to improve my skills and learn new ways of working, tools, etc. as well as relating to other programmers 🤓 (I’m the co-founder of the Golang Guadalajara Meetup, if you have the chance join us and say hi!).

Tip: If you want to know more about what a digital garden is, you can read this article: My blog is a digital garden, not a blog by Joel Hooks.