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Tech I am exploring in 2022

Posted on:January 12, 2022 at 10:30 PM

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Hello everyone, and happy new year! 🥳 every new year is a fresh start for all of us, and it is a perfect opportunity to establish our New Year’s resolutions or plan the new stuff we want/wish to learn.


Even though I have been using TypeScript for the past 3 years there is always room to learn more about it. This year I would like to focus on learning more about how to use TypeScript and React to build more powerful components.


“The new kid in town” Remix is a new (well kinda) React framework that was released as open-source last year. As they mention on their website it is focused on web fundamentals and modern UX. If you miss the old days in web development when we have a single .php file where we put all the logic for both the backend and frontend, you should give it a try.


Last year I planned to learn Rust, but for many reasons (laziness included) I did not. For me, this is the year where I will do some side projects with this language. Rust is gaining more and more traction in the frontend ecosystem (mainly for tooling), and I would like to know what the language has to offer for web development.

Final thoughts

Well, folks, these are the tech stuff I am planning to explore in 2022 let’s see how it goes.